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Why Dye Your Hair With Kool Aid?Dying hair can bring out the more colorful side of person. The possibilities are endless. Do you want to color your entire head of hair? How about just coloring your tips or roots? Or maybe you want to create a rainbow effect? Learning how to dye your hair yourself can be a rewarding experience. Especially when people comment on how beautiful your hair looks. They may ask what salon you went to. You can then proudly say that you did it yourself.

When dying your hair with Kool Aid, you do not have to worry about harsh chemicals. Chemical dye can dry out hair which results in breakage. Kool "Oxandrolone Powder India" Aid is so Anavar For Weight Loss inexpensive, being economical when coloring your hair is easy.

What You Will Need to Dye Your Hair with Kool AidApplicator or plastic dye bottle: You can find this at your local beauty store. An applicator bottle will make the dying process faster and less messy. Plus, if you are the daring type and are going for a more intricate style, the applicator bottle will help you be accurate and precise.

Vaseline: To protect your hairline, neckline, ears, and scalp.

Kool Aid packages: Three packages of your favorite color will do. For those with darker hair, four or five packages may be necessary.

Plastic wrap: To separate sections of dyed hair.

Conditioner: To mix with Kool Buy Cheap Jintropin Online Aid (makes application easier).

Gloves: To protect your hands.

Mixing bowl: To mix ingredients.

Plastic cap: To cover "Oxandrolone Powder India" your head and help the Kool Aid penetrate your hair.

Paper towels: To promptly clean up any mess.

How to Use the Kool Aid Hair Dye for Temporary ResultsMany people make the mistake of dying their hair with Kool Aid only to find that the color is more permanent than they wanted. Dying your hair with Kool Aid is only temporary if the correct methods are used. As a general Deca Durabolin Stack rule: The less water you mix with the Kool Aid, the more permanent the dye.

If you want your dye to be temporary, then follow these instructions.

Step 1: Get your mixing bowl, cold water, and Kool Aid packages.

Step 2: Tear open your Kool Aid packages and pour them into the bowl.

Step 3: The amount of water to use depends on how you want the color to show on your hair. For example, if you want a red tint dilute the Kool Aid so that the red color is transparent in the bowl. Adding conditioner to this mixture will make it easier to apply.

Tip: I advise that you do not make the consistency either too watery or too thick. Remember, we are placing the end product in an applicator bottle and will want the mixture to come out steadily.

Step 4: Once you have determined the right consistency for you and the applicator bottle, pour the mixture into the applicator or hair dye bottle.

How to Apply Kool Aid Hair 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron Dye MixtureBefore applying the Kool Aid mixture, grab your Vaseline. Apply Vaseline to your hairline, neck, ears, and Deca Durabolin For Endurance Athletes forehead. You do not have to put Vaseline everywhere, "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" just on places that may get exposed to the hair dye.

Make sure your plastic cap, applicator bottle, plastic wrap, gloves, and paper towels are nearby.

Tip: Wear old clothes you don't mind getting stained.

Step 1: Section off your hair into four parts.

Step 3: Use applicator bottle to apply Kool Aid mixture to hair.

If you are just coloring your ends, dip your ends into a bowl of Kool Aid mixture or use the applicator bottle and apply color to ends of hair. Use your hands to evenly distribute the color. Once color is distributed, place plastic wrap on the ends to prevent the color from touching you or other strands of hair. If you are just doing your tips, you do not need to use the plastic cap.

If you are coloring your whole head, start at the roots and work your way down. Be careful not to apply hair dye to your scalp. Once you are done coloring a section, wrap the section in plastic wrap and continue until you are done.

Step 4: Once you are done applying desired color, place plastic cap on your head for 30 to 45 minutes.

Step 5: After the appropriate time has passed by take off the plastic cap. Take off the plastic wrap and rinse off Kool Aid with cold water. Be sure to use only cold water if you want results to be temporary.

Step 6: Let hair dry. Enjoy your new color!

If done correctly results should be temporary. Kool Aid has been known to wash out of dyed hair with just one shampoo, however it can also last for two or three shampoos.